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ebm-papst UK Ltd gsm Data Logging System prototype

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It requires a password for access, and uses a secure HTTPS (TLS, was SSL) connection - you can see this from the padlock symbol in the top-left corner of the browser window.

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It is hosted on the AWS Amazon Web Services cloud, at a data centre in London, UK. It can be accessed using this URL: https://i.ec2log.com/

How do I know this site is really on Amazon AWS ?
It can also be accessed using this full AWS URL http://ec2-18-130-100-125.eu-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com - though note this is http only, not https, you will no longer see the padlock symbol (or if present then it will have a line through it). The SSL certificate is only valid for the ec2log.com URL.

The site can also be accessed by using the IP address embedded in the long AWS URL above,

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